The Law of Gravity

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The Law of Gravity


WHO?Isaac Newton discovered the Law of Gravity. He did not collabarate with anyone on this discovery. Isaac Newton modified Kepler's 3rd law to say that the sun and planets orbit around the center mass.

What?The Law of Gravity states that the forces that attract two bodies to each other is equal to the product of their masses divided by the distance between them squared.

When?Isaac Newton discovered the Law of Gravity towards the 1680's.He first represented his book on the Law of Gravity in 1686 but was accused of plagarism. His book oficially became published in 1687.

Where?The law of gravity was thought of in Lincolnshire, England in his mothers garden. He most likely did all research in a lab or in his home.

WHY?Newton was observing the apple fall from the tree and he began to think how it happens. He was trying to solve how the apple fell from the tree straight to the ground. Why does any object fall where it does?

how?How does the Law of Gravity work? Basically it is saying that when you measure the product of the masses and then you measure the distance between them and square it and then you divide it by the mass and that is porportional to the force of the two objects that attract each other.

Importance1.He took Kepler's laws(motion of the planets) and Galileo's ideas about Kinematics and made a law by unifying those ideas.2. Newton's law helps scientists today learn and construct information on the orbiting planets.3. Everything we do is regulated by gravity.

How has it changed the world?It changed the way people looked at the universe. It supports the theory that the planets orbit the sun. Scientists are composing more and more research on the orbit of the planets with the help of Newton's law. His theory is the most noteworthy when the planet Neptune was discovered by Uranus's orbit.

Opposing Views?Not many dared to oppose Newton. A despair occured in Mercury's orbit. For some time scientists believed that Mercury didnt rotate at all b/c of how slow it rotated. Newton's equation worked on each of the plants except for Mercury. It pointed out flaws in his system. Very few argued that his equation was now bogus but no one believed it.

Scientific Evidence?There is significant evidence of the opposition of Newton's theory. When Mercury orbits its followed by an ellipse and has a precession orbit which means that the sun doesnt fall in the same place each time it orbits. Mercury's orbit is 5600 seconds of arc per century and Newtons Law of Gravity says that 5557 seconds of arc per century so it was 43 seconds of arc per country. Albert Einstiens Theory of Relativity fixed this issue. Overall his theory is very accurate.

The Law of Gravity is very widely accepted. It was a major breakthrough in physics. The Law of Gravity is very popular and just about no one disagrees. Everyone agrees because there is no reason to disagree. The only disrepancy in this theory is Mercury's orbit but that is very minor. This law has been helping scientists for a huge chunk of time to help study and construct information.


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