the last chapter

by WLyon
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the last chapter

20 min later... Kevin groans as he listens that the plane ride back is goingto be a long one. He never imagined that it would be time to leave. He already said his goodbyes, and now I was boarding the plane. He would love to stay, but he was longing to see his parents. He couldn't imagine what his parents would say aboult his scar. And the weather! He didn't think he would ever get used to the weather. All at once the plane took off, and on the ground I could just see Loretta and Charlie waving goodbye. But now he had his mind on the little sqaure box covered in a very silky fabric. He carefully ALMOST opened the box when the speaker came on. He put the box down. After THAT was over, he opened the box and inside was a crystal bear with coloured northen lights inside! Right then the plane swerved a little and the bear fell... safely into the box!!! Keven sighed a sigh of relief. He was not going to let this box out of his sight. Soon he fell into a deep sleep. He woke up a while later.UM? Do you want anything sir. Standing there was a overdressed lady with a BIG tray of dessrts, pop, and lots of different kinds of food. Sure Kevin decided. I'll have one of those and that and OH why not I'll take that. Once he was done ordering, he put his tray down and was to busy eating to notice that the box was gone...

The Last Chapter

When he was done eating he reached for his box and finally noticed the box was missing. He slowly looked up and what he saw horrified him. the lady with the food tray was selling his box! Right as he got up to get it the plane tilted and Kevin was thrown back into his seat.

All Kevin could think of was screaming. So he did! The lady stopped, and in that time Kevin yelled '' That's MY box!'' But the lady was quick, and she threw the box to Kevin. Kevin caught it just in time, BEFORE it got crushed to smitherins, in case anybody missed it. Some way, he knew the bear was important, and he had to keep it safe. Soon he got off the plane. He made sure that he had the box, and met his parents at the airport. It was a long way back, and full of conversation. When he was safely at home, he put the box carefully on a shelf in his room. ''What a wonderful piece of art'' his dad commented. Little did Kevin know, that inside the box was a note. A note, saying Loretta,was coming.Meanwhile, Charlie didn't want Loretta to miss school for a whole week. He decided he would pervent Loretta from flying to Mississauga. He would go... Secretly.Keven was having the time of his life! He was swimming and in between breaks, having a peice of gooey cheese pizza. Whenhe was all dried off, Kevin headed home. He was tired, so he went to bed. When morning came, the box was gone! He looked everywhere, under his bed, in his dresser, but no luck. Feeling down, he went outside, There stood Charlie just about to smash the crystal bear! ''NO'' Kevin cried! He looked around. Meanwhile, Charlie put the bear down. ''Sorry'' he mumbled. On the ground beside Charlie, Kevin spotted a ripped peice of paper. he picked it up, and put the peice's together. He read,

Dear Kevin, I will be coming to Mississauga in one week. I enjoyed your stay, so I decided to come to you. See you in one day, meet you at the airport or, whatever.From Loretta


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