The Last Apprentice Rage of The Fallen

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The Last Apprentice Rage of The Fallen

Joseph Delaney



What did you like about the book

A witch Tom fought in a book before this one said that if he went to Ireland a god named Morrigan would kill him because Morrigan is the strongest in Ireland and because Tom cut her when she was summoned in a recent book she is coming back for revenge.

Tom was being chased by Morrigan through a forest and he knew once he reached the church up ahead he would be fine but Tom wasn't sure he would make it. all of the sudden morrigan swooped up in front of him in her bird form and Tom attacked her so that he could get free and he reached the church so Morrigan laft him .

I liked the book for all of it's scary moments. I like scary books so this is one of my favorite series. Sometimes books are a little bit to scary for my liking and this series though is just right.

CharactersTom: The main character and he is the senth son of a seventh son and when you are one of them your destined job is a spook and they rid the dark from the world, Tom is learning from John Gregory how to be a very great spook.Alice: His best friend(is a witch)John Gregory:Tom's mentorMorrigan:She is the goddess of slaughter and she does not like Tom at all because he is getting rid of all of her servants, the witches of Ireland.

Main EventsTom gets told he will die if he goes to Ireland. Tom fights a clan of mages trying to summon Pan (A god). Tom fights Morrigan and wins.

Cover of the book

The Last Apprentice Rage of The FallenBy: Marshall


Setting and ThemeThe book takes place in Ireland.The theme is that you can over take your fears.