The Last Anzac Soldier

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The Last Anzac Soldier

Written by Arietta and Daphnne

Alec Campbell was a private he was served as the stores carrier for 2 months during the fight in Gallipoli.During his training in Hobart he was called "The Kid" because he wasnt old enough to shave. One of his cousins already died in Gallipoli, thats why his parents didnt want him to go they were so concered about him, when he landed in ANZAC in the early November 1915, he assisted carrying ammunition,stores and water to the trenches. While fighting in Gallipoli he recieved a minor wound when they evacuated. He became ill with a fever which caused partial facial paralysi. So he was sent home and was formally discharged in 22 August 1916.

The Last ANZAC Soldiers name was called Alec Campbell he was the last ANZAC soldier in world war 1


The Last Anzac Soldier

more interesting facts

Alec Campbell was born in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia.When he was 16 he left his job as a clerk with the Colonia Mutal Fire Insurance Company. His father never gave him permission to join the army so he lied about his age and said he was 2 years older


War is not the key, shooting guns taking your enemiesBrave fallen soldiers.sacrificing young mens bloods,love and respect them.

Sadly Alec Campbell was only in the war for 2 months because of his sickness.He died in 16 may 2002, age 103. After 2 months from the war he said"I joined for adventure. There was not a great feeling of defending the Empire. I lived through it, somehow. I enjoyed some of it. I am not a philosopher. Gallipoli was Gallipoli."



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