The Last ANZAC Soldier

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World War I

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The Last ANZAC Soldier

Sally Alec Campell was in the war just for 2 months because of his sickness. He died in 16 May 2002,at the age of 103. After 2 months at the war he said ''I joined for adventure''. There was no great feeling of defending the Empire. I lived through it, somehow. I enjoyed some of it and i am not a philosopher.


The last ANZAC soldier

Alexander William Campbell was the final surviving Australian part icipant of the Gallipoli during the first ww1.Campbell had a crowded life in South Austalia, Tasmania , and New South Wales, he was a jackaroo, carpenter and railway carriage builder.



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Campbell was a man who joined the Australia army when he was at the age of 16 in 1915. Campbell was born in February 26, 1899, Launceston, Australia,his education was university of Tasmania. He left his job as a clark with the Colonial Mutal Fire Insurance Company. His father never gave him permission to go to the army so he lied about his age and said he was 2 years older.

To remember the soldiers that died in Gallipoli.It honors the soldiers that came back home safely.Its to respect the family's that had died.To be proud of New Zealand's history.To thank the people that served for this country

My Reference was from Wikipedia and fun facts

From: UasiFacts


The last ANZAC soldier was from Australia, his name was Alec William Campbell.

He was the last ANZAC soldier in world war 1


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