The Last 100 Days

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Social Studies
World War I

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The Last 100 Days



During the last three months, The Allies became much more offensive with their attacks, and also much more risky. With these dangerous attacks, many more Canadian lives, still in the forefront of these attacks, were lost.


Canadians on the Forefront

The Last 100 Days

Allies Attacks on the Last 100 Days

What Changed in the Last 100 Days to Cause Canadian Troups So Many Casualties?

The Casualties

Over 20% of the casualties in the entire war were in this 100 day period. There were almost twenty thousand Canadian casualties in just the month of August.

The last 100 days began on August 8, and ended on November 11, 1918. The last Canadian death was also on this day. This was the death of Private George Lawrence Price.

Royal Canadian Navy Soldiers were all put on the forefront during offensive attacks during the last 100 days. This resulted in more Canadian casualties

What Changed?

Ultimately, the reason for the higher casualties was because the Allies went on the offensive. Also having Canadian soldiers leading the attacks caused many more Canadian lives.


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