The Lascaux Caves

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by SamuelAH
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Social Studies

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The Lascaux Caves

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The Lascaux Caves Glog

By Samuel Hirst

The tribe who created the art were called the magdaliens. they were a complex society and spent long amounts of time creating the art. The magdaliens craeted art about thier beliefs.

The art in the caves are older than the oldest pyrimids. It is the first art ever craeted and is one of the oldest UNESCO sites.

There were differant parts oof the cave. The are the Passageway, the Shaft, the Nave, the Apse, and the Chamber of Felines. The most famous part of the caves is the great hall of bulls. In that ppart of the caves is a painting of a bull, 5.2 m llong. The largest cave painting inn history


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