The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

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The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell

Alex is the twin sister of Conner and she is smart, shy, and selfish at times. She is the class pet, unlike her brother Conner.

The Wishing SpellDo you want a wish? Well you will have to use this recipe and find the ingredients to form a wish. If you find all of these items and put them together, you will be granted one wish for anything!

Connor starts to panic and decides to jump into the book as well. They first land in the Dwarf Forests knowing that they're actually in the book and a frog man gives them a map and a quest to go on the wishing spell.

Snow White's evil queen has escaped from her prison cell and is on a quest to find the parts of the Wishing Spell.

Welcome to the Land of Stories!

Alex and Conner have been given a story book for their birthday, passed down from his grandmother. But days later a magical surprise is hidden inside!

Connor is Alex's twin brother who is known for being the opposite of Alex. He gets lectured by his teacher on why he isn't anything like his sister. He can be really embarrassing but is still very nice and at times humorous. He's just not the type of person to pay attention in class!

Alex starts to hear noises coming from the book so she gets curious and touches it. Her finger magically goes through the book! She decides to drop books and random stuff into the book and they never returned. She tries to dip her head inside to see what's inside this magical book but when she was about to dive in, Connor decides to rush into the room, causing Alex to fall headfirst into the book!

Map of The Land of Stories

Now Alex and Connor has to put together the wishing spell but they soon find out that they have to make it quick as well. Turns out, someone else is going for the wishing spell as well, and the wishing spell can only be used one more time. Who is it?

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About the AuthorChris Colfer is known for portraying Kurt Hummel in Glee and writes other books like "Struck By Lightning" and has even made a movie about it. All of that at the age of 23!


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