The Land of Grass

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The Land of Grass

LodgingWhen its time to hit the sack you will be sleeping in a 5 star man made home in the side of a hill. The roof is made of real grass and the walls are made with natural mud and stones.

Plants and AnimalsSome of the animals you will see on your trip to the grass land biome are bald eagles and cayotes. You will also see lots of cows and buffalo in this biome. Some of the plants you will see are blue Grama grass and buffalo grass.

Delicious DiningThe dinner portion of your trip will consist of a chefs specialty, Purple Coneflower with a side of milweed. And don't worry these plants are boiled which makes the toxins in the flowers dissapear so no one dies.

ClimateThe grasslands tend to have cold winters and hot summers. The temperatures in the summer can get as hot as 100 degrees but in the winter temperatures can go as low as -40 degrees. The grasslands also get between 10-35 inches of percipitation a year which ussually happens in early summer.

The Land of Grass

What to BringDeciding what to bring depends on what time of year you are going in. If you go in the summer I suggest shorts, T-shirt, and lots of sunscreen for the hot temps. In the winter I suggest to wear layes of warm cloths with a heavy jacket to keep you warm from the cold temps.


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