[2015] Shohom Chakraborty: The Lakota Indians

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[2015] Shohom Chakraborty: The Lakota Indians

The Lakota IndiansA part of the Sioux Nation

Lakota people used bow and arrows usually. But they also used spears, clubs and bison hide shields.

Lakota men and women had different roles. Women cooked and helped with the house. Men on the other hand. But both did storytelling, artwork and music

Lakota people had many resources in the Great Plains. It wasn't too dry and it had lots of rivers. It had lots of bison too and some places had lots of trees. There were many other animals too such as deer, elk, bear and rabbits.

Lakota Indians came to the Great plains about twelve to twenty thousand years ago. Lakota Sioux hunted bison for food and clothing. They also made tall houses called tipis. They originally were up to 12 feet high, but after they got horses, they made tipis twice as large.

Dances have always been a big part of Native American religion. Some of the Lakota Indian's dances include the , Rain Dance, Sun Dance and the War Dance. There are many more types of dances as there are hundreds of different types of dances.

Bellow is Lakota music.

Lakota Indians had lots of crafts and artwork. This included pottery, quillwork, beadwork and moccasins.

Lakota men and women had different clothes. Men wore breechclothes with leggings and buckskin shirts. Women wore long deerskin or elkskin dresses. Chiefs wore big headresses.

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