The lakes

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The lakes

Etymology and meaning

The word "lake"comes from the Middle English"lake" and from the Old English "lacu".A lake is a body of still water (usually soft water) of considerable size, localized in a depression sourrounded by the land. The lakes can be fed by stream or by an only river called tributary, when the lake hasn't the tributary can also fed by the rainfalls or by the water below the surfuce of the ground.The lake also can comunicate with the sea by a river called emissary


The lake have the following characteristics:1. it is partially fills one or several depressions connected by straits 2. it has the same water in all parts3. it doesn't have regular intrusion of sea water4. it has a considerable portion of sediment suspended in the water is captured by basins


Types of lakes

There a lot types of lakes but the most important are:1. glacial lake, is a lake with origins in a melted glacier2. artificial lake, is a lake created by fooding land behind a dam by the human3. crater lake, is a lake formedi in a volcanic crater after the volcano has been inactive for some time4. lava lake,is a large volume of melted lava that solidified from the wind and formed the "frozen lava lake"

Victoria lake, an exampleof a volcanic lake

Jokulsarlon lake, is one of the biggest glacial lakes

Vico lake, an example of a crater lake

Volta lake,is one of the biggest artificial lake in the world

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