The Lagoon

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The Lagoon

1)Personification: "The churned-up water frothed alongside with a confused murmur." -"the glitter of stars streaming, ceaseless and vain, through the black sillness of the night." -"An unquiet and mysterious country of inextinguishable desires and fears." 2)Foreshadowing: "And the white man's canoe, advancing up the stream in the short-lived disturbance of its making, seemed to enter the portals of a land from which the very memory of motion had forever departed." -"stealthy shadows that, rising like a black and impalpable vapor above the tree tops, spread over the heaven, extinguishing the crimson glow of floating clouds and the red brilliance of departing daylight."3)Theme: The main theme is that death in inescapable; humans often have the illusion that through "true love" nothing can touch us, and that love makes one whole. However, in order to succeed in life, one must overcome these illusions. -"And could i not with her find a country where death is forgotten--where death is unknown!" -"he looked beyond the great light of a cloudless day into the darkness of a world of illusions."


Summary A man travels to a far away land in Malaysia, he is in the search of his friends he has known from long ago. The house in which they live in is considered by the locals to be haunted. As the boat they are in comes to a stop in front of the house, he climbs up the ladder onto the platform. His friend, Arsat, comes to him and asks if he has any medicine with him because his love is very sick. Arsat tells of a story, when he, Diamelen and his brother were running from the cruel hand of their ruler. They were trying to get away from the Rajah, when they had run upon a white sandy beach in thier canoe. But at once, they had to flee yet again in a chase across the waters. They came up on another shore and his brother told him that with his gun, he would hold back the Rajah's men. However he only had a few rounds of powder. Arsat and Diamelen ran throught the trees and began to take launch in another canoe on the other side. They turned around to see his brother running after them, but he triped and his life was given to the men in pursuit. And now here he and Diamelen were, Diamelen taking her last breath and fading into a deep black sky. He was alone in the world now, after his brother had sacraficed himself so that he may have true love. The only thing he desires now is that his brother's death be avenged. He does not see the omniscient view, that he shall surely die. That his brothers sacrafice was for nothing at all.

Lagoon: A lagoon is a shallow body of water separated from a larger body of water by barrier islands or reefs.

BiographyJoseph Conrad was born in December of 1857. He was a Polish author who wrote in England after settling there around 1886. Although not able to speak English fluently until his 20's he was regarded one of the greatest novelists. Many of his writings were with a nautical setting and depicted trials of the human spirit in the midst of an indifferent universe. He pasted away in August of 1924 and rests in the Canterbury Cemetary.

The LagoonWritten by:Joseph Conrad



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