The Lady or the Tiger

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The Lady or the Tiger

The Lady or the Tiger?

Written by Frank Stockton

Which Came Out?

Why Did That Happen?

The princess moves her hand to the right without hesitation and her lover listens. Her choice was made; the tiger was going to come out of that door. He opens the door and is greeted by a fierce, and hungy, tiger. It was best this way. The princess and her lover wouldn't have to live miserably apart forever.


I Learned that I...

Alternate Ending

I think the tiger came out of that door. It would make sense because of the princess. First, she is semi-barbaric like her father. Also, she doesn't like the person who would've been the wife.

1. The princess is almost evil like her father. (Pg. 689)2. They wouldn't have to live miserable lives away from eachother if the man was dead. (Pg. 690)3. The princess definitely doesn't like the woman who would be the man's wife.(Pg. 689)

Based on my ending, I think I am a realistic person. I don't think I'm evil or anything because I only used textual evidence, even though I would like to think the woman came out of the door. It just wouldn't work that way for real, so I think I am realistic.

I believe that the tiger came out of that door.


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