The Labors of Heracles

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The Labors of Heracles

Fifth Labor: Stymphalian BirdsHeracles had to kill a flock of giant fierce birds that lived in lake Stymphalos deep in the woods.He scared the birds out of the trees clashing noise making clappers, krotala, made by Hephaistos and given to him by Athena. Then he shot them using Bow and Arrow.

The Labors of Heracles

First Labor: Nemean LionHeracles followed the invincible lion in its cave with the two entrances, blocked one of the doorways and trapped it inside. Then, arrows and knifes being useless against it, he choked it in his mighty arms and tore its fur off using its own claws, taking Athena's advice!

Second Labor: Lernean HydraHeracles shot flaming arrows at the beast and lured it out of its den. For each of the many heads the hero smashed with his club, two burst off in its place.With the help of Iolaos, his nephew Heracles torched the tendons of the headless neck, preventing thus their ribirth. Soon, he was able to reach and chop off the ninth immortal head!

Third LaborThe Hind Of CeryneiaThe hunting of Artemis' sacred deer, with the golden horns and hoofs of bronze lasted a year. Once the deer stopped by the river Ladon, the hero shot it and carried it back to Mycenae. Artemis healed it but allowed him to take it to Eurystheus alive to fulffil the oracle.

Fourth Labor:Erymanthian BoarThe boar (huge, bad-tempered pig) lived on the mountain Erymanthus and destroyed everything . Heracles chased the beast round and round the mountain making loud noises. The boar frighthened and out of breath, hid in athicket and was killed by the hero's spear.

Fifth Labor: Augean stablesKing Augeas owned herds of cattle and the smelly labor demanded that Heracles clean it in one day. He tore a big opening in both sides of the walls of the stables. He dug wide trenches to two rivers flowing nearby and turned their course into the yard, the water rushed through the stables, flushing them out. Eurystheus didn't count the labor .


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