The Kuiper Belt

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The Kuiper Belt

THE KUIPER BELT(by: Rachel Kim)

What is the Kuiper Belt?The Kuiper Belt is a region of space that stretches 30 to 55 AU away from the planet, Neptune. It surrounds our planet, and contains many comets, some dwarf planets, tiny moons, and icy bodies. It is very important- but cannot support life. The Kuiper Belt was named after Gerard Kuiper, a man who predicted its very existence.What are some interesting facts? The Kuiper Belt will be further explored in 2015 by NASA.

Comets don't last very long in the Kuiper Belt- only about 200 years to orbit the Sun. However, there are probably about a trillion comets in the Kuiper Belt!

In 1992, the first object in the Kuiper Belt was discovered. Since then, 1,300 objects have been found. One called Haumea, was the first observed in the Kuiper Belt.

NASA's "New Horizons" spacecraft is currently traveling to the Kuiper Belt, and will arive in 2015 because of the long distance. It will then send information.

Like the planets in the Solar System, most objects in the Kuiper Belt are all named after characters in mythology.

There are probably 100's-1000's of icy bodies. Some dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt have atmospheres- but are too thin, and can collapse. Some even have moons!

The Kuiper Belt is important because it has the secrets to the origin of the Solar System. For example, Eris has caused many scientists to reconsider the meaning of a planet.


However, the cometsare named after the person that has discovered them.


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