The Kremlin

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The Kremlin

The Kremlin was originaly made out wood but later on they started makeing it out of stone.

This video tells us a lot of facts about the Kremlin and a lady shows us around it. Some one showes her around and she tells us facts about the Kremlin.

Fun Facts - There are 20 towers allong the walls. - The Kremlin conrains 4 palaces and 4 cathedrals.-In 1973 The Kremlin became the headquarters of the soviet goverment.

The Kremlin

This is the Kremlin!

This is inside the Kremlin!


The Kremlin was the place where the Russian state was formed

The Kremlin is Russia's mythic refuge, a self contained city. As the dominance of Kiev faded and its empire fragmented under the weight of foreign invasion and internecine strife in the 11th and 12th centuries, regional princes gained power. The lodge was perfectly situated atop a hill overlooking the Moskva and Neglina rivers, prompting its development (in such troubled times) as a fortified town, or Kremlin.

In 1812 Napoleon and the French army took the city and attempted to destroy the Kremlin and Red Square because they represented Soviet Power.

The Kremlin is a popular place for tourist becasue it is historic and it is buitiful. There is moltiple palaces, armeries, cathedreals, and more.

The Kremlin walls where built over the years 1485 to 1495, they are 2235m (7332ft) long with a height ranging from 5-19m. The wall thickness is between 3.5 and 6.5 m

The Kremlin is located in Rusia!

This is the whole Kremlin!


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