The Kremlin

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The Kremlin

The Kremlin is surrounded by crenellated walls. Different buildings in the Kremlin were made between the 12th through the 18th century. Church of the Annunciation, Cathedral of the Dormition, Church of the Archangel and the bell tower of Ivan Veliki, and palaces are some of the buildings in the Kremlin.

The Kremlin

Historical FactsThe Kremlin is one of the largest architectural group of buildings of the world. It is considered as the richest treasury of historical antiques of culture and art. The President of the Russian Federation and his Administration have taken their place in the Kremlin since 1992. Two thirds of the Kremlin isn't open to visitors. Peter the Great had built the Kremlin Arsenal. The Kremlin was once again the home of the Russian government after the 1917 Revolution.


The Kremlin is one of the greatest symbols of Russia that attracts tourists to come and enjoy it's appearance of beauty and glory that embraces Russia's culture and art. The armoury chamber museum is special because of the materials, arts and it's historical and cultural items shown. The annunciation cathedral lures visitors in because of it's monumental paintings.

The Church of Laying our Lady's Holy Robe is appealing thanks to it's great architecture and paintings. The Patriarch's Palace gets tourists' attention because of it's civil architecture of it's history and it's valuable items of history and culture of the 17th century. The Archangel's Cathedral is famous for the Great Moscow Princes and Tsars being buried there and portraits of Moscow leaders and ancestors.

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