The Korean side of the niagra falls!

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The Korean side of the niagra falls!

Fun Fact/Random FactCanadian officials approved U.S. professional daredevil Nik Wallenda's request to cross the base of Niagara Falls on a tightrope.

The Canadian side of the niagra falls!The Korean side of the niagra falls is located in Ontario, Canada.Ontario, Canada, is a city opposite of Niagara Falls, New York. It is on the west bank of the Niagara River just below Horseshoe Falls. Queen Victoria Park, extending 2½ miles along the river's gorge, supplies an excellent view of both Horseshoe and American Falls. Both cities are connected by the Rainbow and Whirlpool Rapids bridges and a railway bridge. Hydroelectric power was the basis for the development of the city's industry. Products include paper, foods, chemicals, fertilizers, and machinery. Tourism is also important to the city's economy.The settlement began about 1853 and was first called Elgin, for the governor general. In 1856 Elgin was merged with the village of Clifton to form the town of Clifton, which was renamed Niagara Falls in 1881. Their Population is about: 78,815.

The Canadian side of the niagra falls is known for its physical character traits.

The Canadian Side of the Niagra Falls

the Longitude of the canadian side of the niagra falls is 79°04′16. The Latitude of the niagra falls is 43°04′48″N



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