The Koala

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The Koala

Type: MamalDiet: HerbavoreAverage Life Span: 10- 15 years in the wildWeight: 15-20 poundsHeight: 23-33 inches longProtection Status: Threatened

Habitat LossKoalas are facing loss of their habitats due to development, brush fires, and diseases of the eucalyptus plant. There are an estimated 4,000 koala deaths anually from cars and dogs alone.

Adaptations Koala's have 5-digit front paws and two of the digits face in the opposite direction to help grasp tree limbs. Koalas also have extra thick fur on their bottms and a cartilaginous pad on their spine to provide cusioning so Koalas can sit for long hours.

The Koala

Koalas are located in the tall eucalipt forests of mainland eastern Australia and islands off the southern and eastern coast of Australia.

NOT A BEAR! Koalas are marsupials like kangoroos. They have pouches for their babies.

DietAlthough there are over 600 types of eucalyptus leavs, Koalas are very picky eaters. Koalas eat only 2-3 types of eucalyptus leaves. They have a bacteria in their stomach to help digest this toxic plant.

Oh baby!-Baby Koalas, or Joeys, are born after 35 days in the womb-Joes are born blind and deaf. Joes use their sense of smell and climbing skills to find their mom's pouch-Joeys stay in their mom's pouch for another 6 months to continue development.


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