The Knife of Never Letting Go

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The Knife of Never Letting Go

SummaryIn this book, we follow the life of Todd Hewitt. He is twelve years and twelve months old, an almost-man, and has been lied to his whole life. One of the lies that Todd had been told is that when the Spackle let the Noise germ loose in the war, it killed all of the women. With his loyal dog, Manchee, that truth quickly becomes a lie as he stumbles upon Viola Eade, a silent foreigner that crash landed on New World with her family. Together, they all run away from Prentisstown in hopes of finding safety and a cure for the Noise that haunts them day after day. The trio has to run from a crazy priest, the frighteningly intense Mayor, and an army of men on their journey.

Author: Patrick Ness

Characters- Todd Hewitt lived with his two dads, Cillian and Ben. He is the youngest boy in a town solely compromised of men. Todd is impatient, unsure, and very trusting, things that later get him into trouble. He is around 5'7 and has silver eyes, accompanied with brownish hair. -Viola Eade is an alien, basically. She landed on New World with her parents, but had to leave them and esape with Todd. She has brown hair, brown eyes, and is around 5'8. Viola does not trust anyone besides Todd. -Manchee is Todd's dog that he didn't want. Even though Manchee helps him until the very end, Todd doesn't come to appreciate the animal until his life is on the line.

SettingsThe Knife of Never Letting Go takes place in three places:-Prentisstown (formerly known as New Elizabeth)-The river (they follow it to civilization)-Haven (their only hope)


Title: The Knife of Never Letting Go

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This book is great for anyone that enjoys stories about what it takes to leave everything you love behind. It is not a short read, 400 pages at most, but it is an interesting one.


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