The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner

"What had I done, other than take my guilt out on all of the very same people I had betrayed..."(Housellini, 303)This picture relates to the quote because, the hand is emerging from the depths to the light, but as it reaches up, some type of liquid streams back down into the depths. In the quote, Amir has risen above how he had once been by letting out his guilt. He shares his guilt to the people he betrayed, causing the anger and resentment that has been built up, to be pulled back down. Pulled down into the depths like the liquid in the photo. This quote and image relate to the theme because the people Amir betrayed feel anger towards him and when he expresses his guilt to them, he is giving them the knowledge they did not have before. The new knowledge of his guilt in his actions, lessens the anger between Amir and the people he betrayed. Quite like the liquid in the photo lessens with time, so does the anger after Amir confesses his guilt.

Video ConnectionClick the video photo to watch the video. I recommend watching 1:10-2:30, then finishing with 3:45-5:00. The video "Perspecticles" by Houston Kraft, is a perfect example of the theme. In the video it follows a teenager in highschool who does not know everything about people and is rude to them. In the video he is given glasses that allow him to see things about the people around him he wouldn't know. This causes the teenager to change how he acts towards the people around him realizing that they go through a lot of pain. This video relates to the theme in that the teenager doesnt understand the people around them so the interactions between he and them are harsh (by him) and resentful (by them). Amir reminds me of the teenager in that he didn't understand Hassan's story so he was rude to him. Howeveer after Amir learned from Rahim that Hassan was his half-brother does Amir act differently. SInce Hassan is dead, he can't make things right like the teenager in the video, but he tries through Hassan's son Sohrab.

Book Summary

The Kite RunnerBy: Khaled Housellini

Project by: Mathew Warner

IRU Glog Assignment 2014

A man named Amir looks back on his past and all the mistakes he has made. As a boy, Amir lived well with his father, Baba. He had two servants, one of which was a boy his age named Hassan. He and Hassan did everything together. Until, one day Amir joins the Kite-fighting tournament wanting to win to make his dad proud of him. Amir won and Hassan ran off to fetch Amir the last kite to lose. Amir comes across the town's bully (so to say), Assef raping Hassan in an alley. Later Amir pretends to not know about it, this causes Amir and Hassan to grow apart. Eventually Hassan moves away and Amir moves to the US. There Amir gets married, but Baba gets lung cancer and dies shortly after the wedding. Baba's old friend Rahim calls Amir asking for him to come to Pakistan. There, Amir learns that Rahim brought Hassan back after they left to take care of Amir's old house. While caring for the house, he has a son named Sohrab. Several years later, Hassan and his wife are shot and Sohrab is sent to an orphanage. Rahim also tells Amir that Baba was Hassan's father, making Hassan Amir's half-brother. Having learned of this Amir sets off to bring Sohrab back to the US. Amir finds Sohrab being used as a sex slave to none other than Assef. After many struggles, including himself nearly being beaten to death, and Sohrab attempting to commit suicide; Amir returns to the US with Sohrab. There Amir finally gets a strong relationship with Sohrab when he helps Sohrab win a kite battle and fetches him the losing flag.

Theme StatementActing or speaking without any viable knowledge, causes misunderstood wrongs, anger and resentment within close relationships.

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"My body was broken--just how badly I wouldn't find out until later--but I felt healed. Healed at last. I laughed"(Housellini, 289).The image relates to the theme because the heart, Amir's heart was originally broken through his friendship with Hassan because he did not understand the full situation he was in. Amir was not aware that Hassan was his half-brother and only saw him as a Hessite (the racial minority) and treated him as such. He drove Hassan away and because of it, for years he felt regret and anguish. It relates to the quote in that by saving Hassan and taking him away from his abusive past with Assef, he had healed the wound he caused as a child. The wound he healed by redeeming himself by taking in Sohrab, Hassan's son.

Evidence of the Theme

"Huddled together in the dining room and waiting for the sun to rise, none of us had any notion that a way of life had ended"(Housellini, 36).The image connects to the quote and the theme because the man in the photo watches the sun rise in the valley he walks in. The path that he walks is representive of his life. Amir acted quite similarly in the dining room, he focused on making it to the next day. As the man looks ahead he has no knowledge of what is happening behind him and the changes being made. To me Amir is like that man, he does not take notice of what changes behind and around him because he is so intent on moving on his life from day to day.

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Khaled Housellini expresses this theme mainly through the Character of Amir. It is also found in Baba in very miniscule ammounts. Baba, is unaware of how much grief and pain he causes Amir when he disregards him and doesn't credit his achievements in his attempts to be fair to both of his sons. His other son being Hassan. However, the theme is mainly found in Amir for how he treats Hassan. He and Amir were very close up until Amir didn't understand the full story with Hassan (until he was much older) and pushed him away. Amir pushed Hassan away because he was afraid of what Hassan would think of him for knowing about Assef raping Hassan. Instead of trying to support Hassan, Amir saw him as a problem and got angry. Amir hated Hassan for something that was out of Hassan's control. Amir hated Hassan because he thought that Hassan competed with him for Baba's attention. But since Amir had no knowledge of Hassan's true relation to himself and Amir thought the only way to get Baba's attention was Hassan to leave. This created hatred and resentment within both Hassan and Amir and drove apart a close friendship. Amir will never be able to make up for his mistakes in his ignorance because Hassan died before Amir had the chance.

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