The Kite Runner

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The Kite Runner


Amir(protagonist) is intially a self-centered and cowardly character; however he is dynamic and changes as the story progresses. Hassan is a brave and selfess Afghanistani. He is also extremely loyal towards Amir and stays like this throughout the novel(static). Amir's father is a devoted character who is willing to risk his own life for what he believes in and is also a really generous person. Assef is a cowardly and static individual. Furthermore, he is evil/disgusting and cruel because he worships Hitler. Sohrab, Hassan's son, takes after his father and is also really brave and courageous.

1. The pomegranate tree symbolizes or exemplifies Amir's and Hassan's friendship, because when they were kids, they spent a majority of their childhood under the tree together and even carved their names in it. Furthermore, when the tree no longer blooms fruits nor thrives like it use to, it represents the break in their friendship. 2. The slingshot in the novel represents protection, because whenever Amir is in danger or threatened, the slingshot it brought out to protect him from any harm. 3. Another symbol is obviously the kites in this novel. The kites symbolize several things including Amir's happiness, Hassan's loyalty, and also redemption or closure. It displays happiness, because throughout the story, Amir finds himself the most joyful with a smile "as wide as the Valley of Panjsher" when he is flying kites. Furthermore, the kite exemplifies Hassan's loyalty towards Amir, because despite getting raped and attacked, Hassan holds onto the kite while also risking his life for Amir. Lastly, it symbolizes Amir's redemption, because when Amir finally wins the kite flying contests, he feels he was redeemed from his father and that his father would no longer hate him for killing his wife at birth. In addition, Amir also feels redeemed at the end of the novel as he is flying kites, because he no longer feels suffocated by guilt.


The Kite Runner written by Khaled Hosseini, is a novel centering around the life of Amir, an Afghanistani, and his constant journey seeking redemption from not only his father, but also his loyal companion, Hassan, who he betrayed. Throughout the novel, Amir seeks ways to free himself from his guilt which had suffocated him. This journey for redemption occurs when Hassan allows his jealousy and self interest to get the better of him.



The Kite RunnerBy: Michelle Ly


Intially takes place in Kabul, Afghanistan. Throughout the novel, historical events concerning Afghanistan's relationship with Russia and the Taliban are revealed.

Redemption can not be truly percieved or acquainted with until the guilt is accepted and the actions are forgiven by oneself. Another theme in is that ignorant actions derive from allowing jealousy and self interest to prevail over one's morals.



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