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The Kite Runner

The Kite Runner

Fate and Free Will

"Children aren't coloring books, you can't just fill them in with your favorite colors" -Rahim Khan: Chapter 3This states that Baba could not just make Amir be like Baba, and thus changing who Amir is as a person, making Amir's fate different, in the way of how he would of acted and in what his responses should be.

"This isn't the end for you either, Amir. Someday, I'll make you face me one on one." Assef retreated a step. P. 43 This is fate that Amir and Assef will one day meet again. Later in the book Amir meets Assef once again and is put face to face with him. It ends up that Assef was the one to have taken Sorab, Hassan's son. Amir was beaten badly in this fight, yet Sorab was there to help and they both got away.

"Hassan's not going anywhere," Baba snapped. P. 90 Amir had asked if they would ever get new servants and Baba had said that Hassan and Ali would not be going anywhere. Although Hassan and Ali end up leaving after Hassan was accused of stealing, Hassan then returns to Baba's house. He was back in his old hut near Baba's house and had taken care of his house once again, for the sake that Baba and Amir would return. This reflected the fate in how Hassan would end up back again at the house being a servant.

"They only let you be this happy if they're preparing to take something from you," (Sofia Akrami) P. 248 This quote from Amir's mother had showed the fate of time. Like how she was so happy, and yet during child birth she had died ending her happiness. It was a life that was taken. When the Taliban came everyone was happy that there would be less of wars, yet as that happened they had not realize what the after effect of the Taliban would be. They ended up taking the power and authority, ethnic cleansing the Muslim community.

The story was about a teacher and a student in which they had a relationship that society didn't accept. The teacher got arrested for no real crimes, thus he was beaten and killed. The student had witnessed it and accused of knowing the teacher, in which he denied his relationship with the teacher. The student that was subjected to cowardice, decided to change his plan for his life and became a famous celebrated leader, and after that fall in which his teacher had to face alone, he turned his life around even throught he guild and he changed his entire person.Link to the story:

"Hassan's reply was a single wod, delivered in a thing, raspy voice: "Yes""-P.105This quote from Amir was through Hassan's free willl to sacrafice himself for a final time for Amir, to not get in trouble, and for the fact that Hassan was extremely loyal to Amir, even though it hurt him a bit.-

"For you, a thousand times over." -Hassan: P.2This quote made by Hassan shows that no matter what happened to Hassan if could help or protect Amir, Hassan would willingly do what it was a "thousand times over"

"Rahim, a boy who won't stand up for himself becomes a man who can't stand up to anything." -Baba pg.221What Baba is saying is that Amir has never stood up for anything and has always made Hassan do it. If he does not stand up for anything his entire life he will eventually become someone who will never stand up for anything. Amir ends up standing up for Sorab, he goes on a long trip back to Kabul just to save him. Where he meets Assef and he even takes a beating from him, just to save Sorab.

"I'm not coming home alone. I'm bringing a little boy with me." P. 325 After confronting Assef in order to get Sorab, also that Amir was reluctent to go and look for Sohrab in a very dangerous place like Afghanistan, where the Taliban ruled, yet Amir still did it, and viewed it also redeming himself to Hassan and giving him a way "to be good again."


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