[2015] Jacinda Jones: The Kite Runner

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[2015] Jacinda Jones: The Kite Runner

The kites represent the bonding time between Amir and Hassan. They also represent Baba being proud of Amir and the lost of Hassan's innocence.

The Pomegranate tree represnts Amir's and Hassan's friendship. Amir carved Hassan and his name in the pomegrante tree.

Theme(s):Friendship, Loyalty, & DisloyaltyIn The Kite Runner three themes that stood out were frienship, loyalty, and disloyalty. When Amir and Hassan won the kite tournament, it represented their friendship and how they made a great team. Hassan lied to Baba about stealing out of loyalty to Amir. When Amir didn't help Hassan when he was getting rape, it showed that Amir was a disloyal friend. Hassan was always loyal and Amir wasn't and this unequal friendship caused conflict in the story.

Myth of Rostam & Sohrab represents Amir and Hassan's admiration of the myth becasue Hassan named his son Sohrab after the myth.

Turning Point:It begins in the middle of Chapter 7. After winning the kite tournament, Hassan tells Amir that he's going to run down the last kite cut because it's the most coveted prize and before running off he says to Amir "For you a thousand times over." Hassan took a long time to come back, so Amir goes to look for him. He eventually finds Hassan on a dark alley surrounded by Asseff and his two friends. Asseff wanted the kite, but Hassan told him no and because he refused to give up the kite, Asseff raped Hassan. Amir's loyalty was put to the test when he had to decide whether he will watch the rape, help Hassan out, or go get help. In the end, Amir is a coward and doesn't do anything. His decision to not help causes conflict between his friendship with Hassan and Amir lives the rest of his childhood with guilt.

Character:Amir had many changes throughout the story. In the beginning of the story Amir was a coward and Hassan would always have to stand up (fight) for Amir. He was jealous of Hassan becasue Baba gave Hassan more attention. In Chapter 7, Amir was a coward for not helping Hassan while he was being raped. In Chapter 22 Amir is now an adult and goes back to Afganistan to look for his nephew Sohrab and gets into a brawl with Asseff. Amir changes from a coward to a brave man.


The Pomegranate Tree

Myth of Rostam & Sohrab

The Kites

"For You A Thousand Times Over"


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