[2014] Breanna Perryman (Asher): The King Salmon

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[2014] Breanna Perryman (Asher): The King Salmon

The King Salmon is well recognized for their power and endurance.Their belly is sometimes pinkish on the very bottom,but most of the time their belly is silvery blue,along with their sides.You will find that the King Salmon has black spots along their back dorsal fins and tail fin.Their adipose fin has a clear center or "window."

King Salmon

The King Salmon is a very large fish,measuring up to 2 to 4 feet.This fish weighs up to 95 pounds!The King Salmon feeds on many different favorite snacks!Young King Salmonwill eat small invertebrates,including,crustaceans,and amphipods.Adult Salmon dine on smaller fish.

The King Salmon's scientific name is the Chinook Salmon.


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