The King Penguin

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The King Penguin


Upon hatching, the chicks continue to be protected on the parents feet and the brood patch for another 30-40 days after which time, they are large enough to be able to regulate their temperature for themselves. It can still be a wait of many days, 3-14 between parents swapping duties, so the chick has to wait some considerable time between feeds.

King PenguinScientific name: Aptenodytes patagonicusSize: 16.0 kg, 14.3 kg Nest type: in colonies in the open, have territories but no nestFavourite food: fish, some squid

There are two subspecies of King Penguin:Aptenodytes patagonicus patagonicus andAptenodytes patagonicus halli

King Penguins are known to dive more than a massive 900 feet underwater in order to gain the access to the food they want and will stay underwater for around 5 to 7 minutes searching for their fishy food.

Like many penguins chicks can be as large as an adult penguins when they are fully grown but not unfledged.

Dense colonies, which can number several tens of thousand pairs, are located amongst tussocks, gently sloping beaches, and sometimes can be over a kilometre inland. No nest is built, but pairs still maintain territories within pecking distance of each other.

The king penguins are the second largest penguin. The largest is the emperor. They are around 15kg in wait and 95cm tall.

The daily food intake depends on what kind of season it is, there favourite foods are eat squid, shrimp, krill and fish.

King Penguins

There are many places that king penguins live, most of them are in the sub Antarctica region. Other locations that they are commonly known are the Falkland Islands, Prince Edward Islands and southern Georgia. The smaller numbers are scattered through the coast of New Zealand and Australia.

This Is Antarctica!


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