The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley

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The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley was rock and roll's first star. He was a hip shaking, Southern singer laced with blues, gospel and country. He brought together American music from both sides of the colored line and performed it with sexuality that made him both a teen idol and role model for rebel singers to come. He was repeatedly dismissed as being vulgar, incompetent and overall a bad influence but the force of his music was no feat for those that stood in his way. Even decades after his death, his music and movies still are popular today. While there have been plenty of other rock and roll artists, he is still undisputable the King of Rock and Roll!


1935 - Born Jan 81946 - Purchased first guitar1955 - Signs first recording contract1956 - Appears on Ed Sullivan Show 1957 - Joins military 1967 - Marries Priscilla1977 - Dies of drug overdose

Sold over 600 million albums world wide. Nominated for 14 Grammy's and won 3 and also won a Lifetime achievement award at the age of 36. Inducted into both the Rock & Roll and Country Hall of FameStarred in over 30 films including Blue Hawaii and Viva Las Vegas.

Lasting Impact

Elvis helped pave the way for rock and roll. He influenced a lot of famous bands throughout history.


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The King of Rock and Roll: Elvis Presley



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