[2015] An Le: The King-Byng Crisis

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Social Studies
Politicians and Presidents

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[2015] An Le: The King-Byng Crisis

•The king that has lost his seat in the election did not resign and remained as the head of the office.•Some conservatives expressed outrage at the king’s attempt to cling to power while other conservatives didn't really mind and were in fact relieved.•In order to prevent him losing his seat in parliament, King went to Byng for dissolve parliament, Byng refused his request many times.• Another Election was called, but Meighan lost his seat with the king winning more seats.

Mackenzie King

Mackenzie King was the dominant Canadian Leader.Mackenzie believed that Canada should be away from Britain as Canada showed that they are strong enough to be independent during the war.

Lasting Impact

Canada became more significant and became farther away from britain.

Significant Events


The King-Byng Crisis


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