The Killing Cobra

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The Killing Cobra

Life and Length


The Killing King Cobra



The King Cobra is a carnivore,which means it is a meat eater. It eats small pythons, rats, rodents, and other venemous snakes.The Cobra can eat up to 50 pounds a day and can last for months without food.Three reasons the King Cobra can last a long time without food is because they don't need much food to sustain a steady body temperature.Second is because they rest for long periods of time.Last is because they have extensive tissues to store fat.

Most of the King Cobra's population is in India and Southeast Asia.Other places they live are mostly South America, Africa, and Australia. You will rarely find the King Cobra species in North America so don't worry about getting bit or attacked.It is one of 270 different types of cobra species.

The King Cobra lives in dense forests and near swamps, rivers, and streams.They also live in savannas, semi-deserts, and grasslands.A semi-desert is a desert has a semi-arid climate and is in between a desert and grassland.The King Cobra also lives in places where there is heavy rainfall.Other places where King Cobras live are in China, Indonesia, India, Thailand, the Phillipines, and other places.

Did you know that the extremely long King Cobra can grow up to 18 feet (5.5 meters ) ?! Typically though, the King Cobra grows up to 13 feet.The average lifespan can go up to 20 years. Did you know King Cobras mate in the first 3 months of the year?The King Cobra is a reptile so it does lay eggs.It can lay 20 to 50 eggs at one time.The King Cobra can raise up to one-third of their body.


Interesting Facts

The King Cobra is the most venomous type of snake.The Cobra catches its prey by injecting venom and then the prey dies in a matter of minutes.It protects itself by putting itself in a posture stance and fears the predator away.Did you know a female King Cobra is the only type of snake that can make their own nest?It can also be a very good swimmer!

Because it does not have teeth, the Cobra swallows its prey whole.

The genus name of the King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah, means "snake eater".

Unlike myths, the King Cobra does not spit its venom but sprays it.

The King Cobra is one of 270 differfent types of cobras.


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