The Kill Switch

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The Kill Switch

The kill Switch

28 year old Tucker and his dog kane have been assigned another mission, go onto russian territory and extract a plant that has the potential to be a deadly bioweapon. At the same time Russian Scientist Dr. Bukolov Is the only one who can find it and the russian military will do anything to get there hands on the plant not discluding killing Dr Bukolov. Then when kane is snatched from right under there eyes they lose precious time trying to find the dog.

James Rowlings And Grant Blackwood


Favorite scene

My favorite sene Is when Tucker gives kane the order "Quiet sout" and the point of view changes from tucker to kane, he walks off into the woods and searches for a threat and is snatched leaving nothing but a small yelp. I think its incredible because you get to see what kane sees and also it makes you want to read more because the suspense of what happend to kane.

Tucker Wayne

Dr Bukolov

Dr Bukolov, A russian scientist is a skinny man with brown hair and he is on the brink of discovering the whereabouts of a plant that would have the capapbility of wiping out entire farms if weaponized. He is also the only one that has a chance of finding it.

The kill switch was really a book to recomment to other people. The suspensefull nature of the book is amazing. also I really felt like i was in the eyes of tucker and kane. finally the Way he switches from points of view is really neat.

Kane, A Belgian malinois assigned to tucker for military affairs in afghanistan,is one of two dogs assigned to tucker the other, Abel was killed in action. Kane knows over a 1000 commands and hand gestures.

Tucker is a headstrong and resiliant captain, who relies not only on his extremely thourough training but alson on his best friedn kane, who happens to be a dog. He is extremely kind but also extremly cruel when he needs to be. In his late twenties tucker is taller than average, withslightly shaggy blond hair and is very muscular.




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