The Jurassic Period

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 The Jurassic Period

The Jurassic PeriodThe Jurassic Period

The Jurassic Period was when about 27 dinosaur species were alive. The Jurassic period took place about 145 million years ago. All these animals were wiped out by different events that happened throuout the time period of these animals life. Many different people have different speculations of how these animals died.

One of the major events that happened during this time was the extinction of these Dinosaurs. One of the speculations that caused the extinction of these animals was Volcanic Activity. This was becuase the lava that came out of the volcanoes was thought to realese greenhouse gases that affected the Dinosaurs. Another speculation was Climate Change. This was thought becuase it changes the Sea Levels which affected the the acidity and killing the species living there. This was one of the least likely to have happened but some people belived it was a Meteor Impact. This could have killed other time periods of Dinosaurs, but not possibly caused the Extinction of the Dinosaurs in Jurassic Period.

During this time period the supercontinent Pangea was spreading apart. This caused Dinosaurs to be spread apart from each other as these continents started to drift away slowly. During this time there was also a change in climate. The climate had greenhouse gasses which would have maybe killed the Dinosaurs. The Climate was also warm and moist where the Dinosaurs lived. The climate was also lush, and green. The green mostly came out of all the plants that the Dinosaurs most likely consumed. Though not all Dinos consumed plants. Some were carnivourus which means they ate meat from other Dinos.

This chart shows some of the fossils that belonged to the Jurrasic Period and also some other time period that had fossils. These were not the only fossils that existed at this time. Many other fossils have been found like the Pterodactyl fossil, or the Megalosaurs fossils. All these fossils help us determine what the Dinosaur might have acctually looked like. Using the fossil when we connect them all together, we can then determine what the size, average length, what it ate, and many other stuff.


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