the Junnie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy-james

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the Junnie B. Jones Smells Something Fishy-james

Junie B. JonesSmellsSomethingFishyby Barbara Park.

CharactersJunnieGrandma MillerMrs.MomGrandpa MillerLucilleNoodle

ProblemsThe broblem in Junnie B. doen't have a pet to bring to pet day.

Solutions In sted of a dead fish she go a fish stick.

Plot Junnie B. is searching high and low to bring a cool pet to bring to take to Pet Day. She come up with some very intersting idea like a wild Racoon,Worms,and freind and dead fish.

poster yourself

SettingSchoolGrandma MillerHome

my favorite character is junie B. jones




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