The Jungle

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The Jungle

The Jungle

A novel by Upton Sinclair


Poem on Theme

Corruption, immorality, family, power, and poverty

A drop of nectarLooks much the same As a drop of venomAnd a forked tongueWill scratch at the teeth behindA fair smile

Nectar of the PoisonousBy Caleb Smith

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair is a very good book about Jurgis Rudkis and his trials and tribulations. Jurgis is a Lithuanian born immigrant living in Chicago. He gets married to Ona Lukoszaite, but that is where the good times end. Jurgis and his family struggle to survive and lose many members as they attempt to survive through the time of the meat packing industry. The reader is guided through the family's life as they lose so much, to gain almost nothing at all. The family struggles to maintain their ties to eachother as they expererience the corruption and immorality of the meat packing town of Packingtown. Jurgis realizes that he cannot crawl of out poverty only through hard work and belief in the American dream, but he also needs connections and power. Sinclair comments on the nature of capitalism, however his description of the meat packing industry will cause disgust in even the most iron-willed readers. With his stellar use of descriptive language, Sinclair creates a family of characters that you come to love, and then either corrupts them or tears them away from the reader. The Jungle is a wonderful and impactful book that everyone should read through at least once.-Justin Kwun



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