The Journeys Olaudah Equiano

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African-American History

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The Journeys Olaudah Equiano

The Journeys Olaudah EquianoBy: Allan & Rein


Slave Boat


Slave Narrative

Summary- He was put into slavery at young age.- He survived a horrific and long journey across the sea.- He bought his freedom by saving money.- He died in 1797, 10 years before slavery was abolished.

About Equiano- He was apart of the Ibo tribe(who were farmers).-His father owned salves and was chief.- he was 11 yrs. old in slavery.

Aspect of His JourneysThe conditions of his journeys were gruesome, horrifying, disgusting, and pestilential.

Ibo Tribe

Facts Of Equiano- He was born 1745 Igboland- HIs slave name was Gustavus Vassa.- His spouse's name was Susannah Cullen


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