The Journey of Hercules

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The Journey of Hercules


Birth: Hercules was born to Greek gods Jupiter and Alcmena. This extraordinary birth is the first step in the hero's journey as described by Joseph Campbell.The Call: Juno declares war on Hercules from his birth.She sends two snakes to kill him while an infant. They are easily defeated, however.The Threshold: Hercules steps into the life of adventurewhen he becomes subject to Eurystheus and compelled to perform all his commands. These become the twelve labors of Hercules.Tests: Hercules faces lions, monstors and perilous tasks in his journey.Helpers: Hercules completes his tasks without help.

Birth and The Call

The Final Battle: Hercules' final battle seems to be with his wife, Dejanira. She unwittingly gives him a poison that burns away his flesh. Flight: After the death of his wife and all the events that had transpired Hercules was prepared to die. He constructs a funeral pyre and Philoctetes lights it.Return: The pyre only causes the human part of Hercules to perish. The greek god half seems to rebound after the other leaves him.Elixir: After Hercules' twelve labors and the death of his human portion, Juno extends her approval to him.Home: Hercules is then taken up in a cloud that is sent by Jupiter. Atlas feels the added weight as Hercules takes his place in the heavens.

A lovely representation of Hercules and the Hydrafrom the 1960's cartoon series. The story of the Hydra is quite different from the original story in boththe cartoon and the disney animated film from 1997.


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