The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins

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The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins

Author: Walter Dean Myers

RecommendationI would recommend this book because this book shows bravery and strenght of an American soldier named Scott Pendleton Collins. Scott was one of the many soldiers that fought the Nazis and showed courage. I recommend this book for people that like war and are interested in history.

Genre Biography 140 pages

SummaryScott Pendleton Collins was a regular teen living an ordinary life, but when World War 11 started, Scott joined the military to help defeat the Nazis. First Scott felt pretty confident about the war. But on his first mission, Omaha Beach, Scott becomes terrified of all the Nazis and all the dead bodies. Eventually Scott manages to get enough courage and run through the beach to a protective wall. Since his first mission Scott gained enough courage and bravery to keep on going with his missions without terror. Finally after all his missions Scott and all the other Americans that fought the Nazis achieved victory by defeating Hitler and his Nazis.

Published By:Scholastic Inc.in1999

The Journal of Scott Pendleton Collins

SettingThe setting affects the story because the setting really makes the story come to life, like when Scott Pendleton Collins had a mission to take Omaha Beach. The setting (Omaha Beach) in the book really made Scott's mission sound dangerous and terrifying because the book said that there were dead bodies in the water and on land, and Scott and the soldiers were being fired on from the Nazis, which made situations a lot worse.

Theme The theme of the story is bravery, courage, and strenght can guide you to victory.

Characters Some of the essential characters in this book is Scott Pendleton Collins. Scott shows bravery, courage, and strenght in this book because he was many of the soldiers who fougth and defeated the Nazis. Bobby Joe is also an important character. Bobby Joe is a character who mostly likes to show off, but is still Scott's true friend. Bobby also shows bravery,courage, and strength like Scott. Bobby is character with a strong spirit because he believes that the Americans can easily crush the Nazis, and he's also very motivational. Finally Jerry, he's also one of Scott's friends and he is very kind because he's very happy to see his old friend (Scott) still alive. Jerry is also very strong and couragous because he was one of the many to survive and he also wants to help defeat the Nazis.

Quote from Scott Pendleton Collins"The hardest thing to do is to walk past the dead. Sometimes I want to look away from them, and sometimes I have to look. Looking at some soldier lying on the ground, his arms stretched out like he is shielding his eyes from the sun, fills me with sorrow and fear."

Quote from Scott Pendleton Collins"I told Bobby Joe that if we get to Paris we could go around and look for girls and he said okay. Than we prayed. I prayed, too."


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