The Joker on Drugs

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The Joker on Drugs

Hallucinogens: LSD

Hallucinogens: Marijuana

Depressant: Alcohol

Depressants: Barbiturates


Su OzlekPeriod 212/16/15Approximately 95% of criminals return to drug abuse after the are released from jail.

The Joker has had a long day trying to figure out a plan to defeat Batman . He feels that he needs to relax so he gets himself some marijuana and smokes it. After he loosens up, he starts noticing how he is loosing his balance and becomes very tired. Everything seems to slow down; This is known as an antagonist type of drug because it stimulates anandamides that are found in cells. These are also responsible for making one hungry and sleepy. The joker then decides to take a nap after eating a snack..

A few years ago the Joker decides that he wants to try LSD with Harley Quinn just to experiment with it. However now the couple is going through long-term effects due to the LSD. These long-term effects include hallucinations and frequent violent behaivors from both individuals. This acts as a partial agonist due to a very little stimulation the drug does to the body

After getting punched by Batman, the Joker has a swollen lip. To numb the pain away he decides to go to the nearest bar in town and drink anything he can afford. So when he arrives he takes a few shots and drinks 8 bottles of beer. All this alcohol causes the joker drowsiness and he also vomits all over the counter. Later he becomes unconscious. This is an antagonist because the body starts slowing down and it takes a while to process things.

The joker is having a hard time falling asleep lately so he tries meth. Meth stimulates his body, acting as an agonist, making his heart rate increase and having a loss of appetite.

The Joker was really interested in cocaine and so he wanted to try it for fun. When he first started snorting it he felt intensely energetic and happy. However he has snorted cocaine for about a year now and is facing some long-term effects as well as with withdrawal, which include: severely depression, paranoia, tooth decay, and destruction of tissue in his nose. decay of tooth refers to physical dependence, while paranoia refers to psychological dependence. This is an agonist.

The Joker is very tired in the morning since he went to bed very late last night, so he makes himself some coffee. After one cup of coffee he still feels tired so drinks 2 more cups. The Joker used to be very addicted to coffee in his early days but he stopped drinking it and tolerated it. Later on he feels very shaky and develops a headache. This serves as an agonist becuse it speeds of the body processes.

The Joker has been feeling paranoid lately which is causing him get no rest. So he decides that he should take some barbiturates. The barbiturates portay as anatgonists because they slow down the body processes. The joker becomes very irritable and emotionally unstable.. He also has poor physical coordination.

Stimulants: Caffeine

Stimulants: Meth

Stimulants: Cocaine


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