The Jobs Partnerships

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The Jobs Partnerships

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Difficulty to find employees. Had to face the challenge of working with those who were unemployed and lacked skills. The cost of having those who are unemployed would cost billions of dollars in unemployment and welfare beneifits annually. The organization was made to give back to those who are less forunate.

Founders:Chris Mangum & Donald McCoy


The Jobs Partnership

Why ?

Hundreds of formerly unemployed and welfare-dependent individuals now have full-time jobs, and an impressive 93 percent of the 1996 graduates are still employed. He didn't care who you were, what race, religon, Mangum helped anyone no matter what

Once a graduate is hired from the network, companies provide an in-house designee who coordinates with a church mentor to help the new employee make the workplace transition

Bringing those who were unemployed a chance at life and training them to get a job. Volunteers from participating churches to act as mentors for job candidates .

The Story of Jobs for Life: A Tribute to Chris Mangum





I love the company. What this guy is doing is giving to those who don't have anything and i think that its amazing. going into this program those people don't have anything and leaving the program they have a better educatiom and a chance of living life.


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