The Jewish Immigrants

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Jewish History

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The Jewish Immigrants

one reason Jewish immagrants left there home country was because the Nazi party attacked

The Jewish Immgrants

This is a building on Ellis Island

Families depended on their children to make their money. Immigrants work 16 hours a day & make $8 a week.

the immigrants were seperated into different isles depending on there illness.these staircases were called the stairs of seperation

The steerage room where most jewish immigrants stayed was very cramped and eveyone slept close together.

Jewish immigrants brought playing cards on the boat to entertain their selves on the trip to America.

The food did not follow the jewish religon so they brought there ownfood.

The Jewish have certain religous beleifs.


Immigrants crossedthe Atlantic Ocean from England, Poland, Germany, Astria, Romania, Hungray then they arrived at Ellis Island.

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Elizabeth, Alex, Melina, Jadd


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