The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

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Social Studies
World War II

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The Japanese Attack Pearl Harbor

The JapaneseAttack Pearl HarborMackenzie TruePeriod 6

Hideki Tojo sent 6 aircraft carriers, 360 airplanes, an assortment of battleships and cruisers, and a number of submarines.

Planning was completed by the end of October, on November 7th Yamamoto named December 8th the date of the attack, which is December 7th 1941 in Hawaii, It was a Sunday morning around 8:00 AM with good weather conditions.

Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor which is near Honolulu, the attack lasted 2 hours but it was devastating

Task force made a route from the North to avoid detection as long as possible by the Americans

Most isolationists turned to interventionists and there was little doubt about declaring war on Japan

After Roosevelt’s speech the house voted 388 to declare war on Japan

Democrats and Republicans put aside their political divisions to win the global war



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