The Italian Renaissance

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European history

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The Italian Renaissance

Sights to see in my time travel tour:- Il Duomo - Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore- Piazza della Signoria and Palazzo Vecchio- The Baptistery of John the Baptist- Galleria dell' Academia - that holds important paintings and sculptures- Galleria degli Uffizi - that holds the most important collection of Renaissance art- Ponte Vecchio - the first bridge that was built in Florence

Important Events:See the city of Florence during the time of Renaissance

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The Italian Renaissance


Galileo Galilei, portrait as a middle aged man whilst he was currently living in Florence

Galileo Galilei developed and improved the refracting telescope and supported Copernicus in the belief of a Heliocentric System not a Geocentric System. Galileo got a lot of critisisms from the Catholic Church because of his beliefs.

Visit Galileo!!

See Florence!!


1300s - The Renaissance Began.1600s - Reached it's full height.1700s - Spread throughout Europe.

Live like the Royals!

Eat the local food!

By Hannah Harrison


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