The Island of the blue dolphins

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The Island of the blue dolphins

The setting takes place in Califonia on San Nicolas island were its surrounded by dolphins splashing in the water, and sea otters.

The Setting

Author: Scott O' Dell

The Island Of the blue dolphins This is an adventure book

#1 Her father had died in the battle between the aluets and there tribe. #2 When her tribe was leaving to a safer place. she realized her brother is not on the boat she immediatly jumps off and swims back to shore. #3 Her brother wonders off at night and his sister finds him dead.# 4 she kills some of the big dogs in the pack.#5 She shoots the leader of the pack but then cares for him.#6 She gets birds as pets also#7 Rountu the dog she got a while back dies.#8 She gets rescued

Main Events

The main character is a girl named Karana

The Main Charecters

By: Katelyn


Theme Statement

Do you like the book?

The problem is that she was on a island alone after her brother dies. She tries to survive, and wait for the ship to come back and get her. The conclusion is After waiting many years the ship finally comes back for her.

The theme statement is to ot loose hope and keep moving. I know this becuse when her brother died she keeped alive. She never lost hope in the ship coming back although she had been on the island for years . Finally when Rountu died she held tight.

Yes i liked this book , becuse it had lots going on and it had the purfect ballance of events.

I like the Book!

" I remember the day the aluets came to our island at first is like a small shell afloat on the see then is grew larger and was a gull with folded wings at last in the rising sun it became what it really was a red boat"

"The barking grew louder as i came closer to the clif then it would die away and after a short scilence grow louder agian. The sound came from the opposite side of the dunes, and leaving the trails i climed upward throught the sand to its top a short disstance beyound the dune. Near a clif i saw the pack of wild dogs there were many of them they were all moving in a circle and in the middle of the cirlcle was ramo."

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