The Island of Legends

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The Island of Legends

The Island of LegendsBy: Lisa McMANN

It starts out with Artime being attacked Warblerans and they sent children to do there own work. Then, Alex and a group of warriors will go and Sky and Crows mom from the inside out fishtank. They find a new enemy a giant eel that takes Florence also they save Sky and Crows mom. Then they sail a little farther and they magicly end up at the Island of Legends. There they meet some magical creatures and statues. Their names are Talon, Issie, Lhasa, The Squid, Karkinos, and Golden Chicken they are all legends and very old(700+ years old). They have to leave the island of legends with heavy hearts. Sean coaxes Alex into letting them travel past islands the islands to the west and they reach the end of the world. While Alex and his warriors were getting ready to fall off of the world. Aaron attacks Artime with a Puma but his secretary jumps infront of it to protect many children from death and she dies. Haluki takes Panther back to his rightful home. Ms. Morning sends a seek spell to Alex to get them to go back so she can tell Carina what happened when she died. Alex sees the seek spell and yells Simber!!!!!!!!



The theme here is never give up. Like they never gave up on reascuing Sky and Crows mom from the inside out fishtake ran by pirates.


The genre is Fantasy because you can not have magic in the real world and can not make things come to life with magic.

Their are exactly 478 pages in this book.


I Rate this book with five stars because there is alot of action and a little romance and the main charaters have many obstacles to overcome.



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