The Island of Hawaii

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The Island of Hawaii

Hawaii's eight islands were pretty much all formed by volcanoes peeking out of the earth's crust/sea floor, but one of the islands, Kaua'i, was actually formed by a large volcanic eruption. This eruption put a large amount of magma into the ocean, and the water's temperature cooled it down. Over time, the land became habitable to plants, and thus Kauai's rich diversity of life began.

The Island of HawaiiBy Ansley Kopp

Just The Facts- Hawaii is actually the only state with a tropical rainforest!- The word 'Hawaii' comes from the Proto-Polynesian word 'Hawaiki', meaning 'place of the gods' or 'homeland'.- The Big Island (Hawaii Iland) increases in size by about 42 acres each year because of the Kilauea volcano. It's been erupting for about 30 years.- Haleakala (meaning House of the Sun) is the world's largest dormant volcano. Its crater is 3,000 feet deep, and it is 7.5 miles long by 2.5 miles wide.- Hawaiian language has only 12 letters (A, E, I, O, U, H, K, L, M, N, P and W) and a symbol called 'okina ('), and it indicates a glottal stop (slight pause). 'Okina is often represented by the apostrophe ('), but its official symbol (') is this. In Hawaiian language, Hawaii is written as Hawai'i. Every word in Hawaiian language has to end with one of five vowels (A, E, I, O, U). The kahakō symbol is a line placed over a vowel. It directs speakers to stretch out a vowel sound.

Native AnimalsHawaii has a large diversity of native animals. Some have been brought to the island and over time, creating new species of animals that only exist in Hawaii.These include, but are not limited to:- The Hawaiian Monk Seal- Brush-tailed Rock Wallaby- Blue Whale- Bottlenose Dolphin- Killer Whale- Spinner Dolphin- Striped Dolphin

Native PlantsHawaii has a large variety and diversity of plants. They range from any color to any size. Here are a few of them, including but not limited to:-The Yellow Ginger Flower-The Bamboo Orchid Flower-The Anthurium Flower-The Ice-Blue Calathea Flower

The Big Island, Hawaii, actually has many different colored beaches. These beach colors include white, pale yellow, red, and black sands!

Fun fact:

Made of Magma (Kaua'i)

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The Bright Life (Anthurium)

One of Hawaii's islands, Ni'ihau, is actually completely family-owned by a family that goes by the name Robinson, and no uninvited visitors were allowed onto the private property until the 1980s. The population of this island is about 300, mostly consisting of ranchers and farmers that help manage the many acres of farms located around the island.

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The Big Island Itself (Hawaii Island)


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