the iroquois

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the iroquois

The Iroquois

What did they wear?

What are the Irquois's wars?

What did they believe in?

What was some of the trades did they do?

What was the Iroquois foods?

They hunted for animal that had fur so they can make clothes. The clothes that they wear are breech cloth, dresses, tunics, and a belt

They did fur trades, and Free trade and they trade fur for weapons whitch is postive because you are trading for good stuff.

The wars were Beaver war, French wars, Five Nations, Mohawk war, Onieda war, Onondaga war, Canyuga war, Seneca war.

They believed in that a girl fell out of a sky and the geeses help her land.

They ate Moahuk bread, dried ears of corn,corn into carmel, meat and fish, birds and rabbits. They hunted, fished and grew food. the cooked the food.


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