The Iron Brigade

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The Iron Brigade

The Iron Brigade

"And for at least one hundred years, the word Gettysburg was to have a unique meaning for Americans..." pg.259

"But the judgments of history were unknown in 1862 to the "Black Hat Brigade,"

General John Gibbon

The Iron Brigade is accurate representation of the civil war through one brigade's eyes. The Iron Brigade was a good book if your interested in the civil war and its facts. This book overall was a good read except for some minor points. The Iron Brigade told the story of a group of men who's legacy would last forever. The Iron Brigade changed my knowledge on the aspects of the civil war dramatically.

Alan T. Nolan was born in Indiana and practiced law in Indianapolis. He died at the age of 85 on July 27, 2008.And he was part of the Company of Military Historians and a member of the Indianapolis Civil War Round Table.

The Iron Brigade by Alan T. Nolan is an accurate view on a forming brigade in the civil war. It was made up of the 2nd, 6th, and 7th Wisconsin volunteers, the 19th Indiana volunteers, and the 24th Michigan volunteers. The book starts out as the Brigade is starting to form. With the Wisconsin and Indiana volunteers "toughing" it out waiting for their shot for glory. While in Washington D.C. the Brigade gained new leadership from General John Gibbon, who would stay as leader until before the Battle of Fredricksburg where he would be promoted. It is under Gibbons leadership where they would gain their black hats that would signifie them as the Iron Brigade. The Brigade would go on to Gettsyburg where they would dismember and leave their legacy to history.


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