[2014] Jason Kusnowo: The Irish Potato Famine

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[2014] Jason Kusnowo: The Irish Potato Famine

The Irish Potato Famine

Time Line of the Irish Potato Famine.


The start of the Irish potato famine causing sickness.

The bad part was that some of the immigrants carried the disease but the disease died down in the immigrated countries because there were cures and strong doctors.

In the time of the Irish Potato famine, Ireland was ruled by Great Britain and in 1851, Great Britain's rulers said that things were looking good when half of the population are dead and two-third of the other population has immigrated.

In the time between 1825 and 1850, Ireland was famous for planting potatoes and selling them. Because of this, potatoes were one of Ireland's main food resources.


By this time, people were migrating to Great Britain.


Between March and July, there was a gap of relief because the potato resumed grow properly. Then, they grew with blight causing more immigrants now moving to USA, Scotland, Canada and Great Britain.



Now there was more than 900,000 deaths and 1,300,000 immigrants pushed out of the country.

The blight finally stopped growing but in the time of the Irish Potato Famine, there was 1,500,000 immigrants and 1,300,000 deaths.

Some of the challenges that the Irish faced were...Living without their adapted food, the potato.

Missing family members who were dead or infected by the Irish Potato's deadly fungus.

Some of the adaptations that the Irish had to face were...Food, shelter, sometimes language and even government (especially in Great Britain)!

This is what happened to Ireland and the countries that the Irish immigrated to at the time of the Irish Potato Famine.

By Jason 4C


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