The Invisible Students

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The Invisible Students

The "Invisible" Students

Objective & Introduction


What did we do?

1. Collection of bacterial samples from a classroom2. Culturing bacteria using streak plate technique3. Gram staining4. Negative Staining5. Endospore Staining

Kelly Chin [1411980]Leong Hui Ting [1411906]Yeo Kai Wen [1412035]

Have you ever wondered what other “invisible” creatures could be lurking around while you are listening to the lecturer droning on? You might not be the only one sitting at your desk!Through the use of various types of staining and laboratory techniques, our group aimed to find out the different types of bacteria present in a classroom environment.


What happened & why?



6 Agar plate​s Crystal violet​6 Sterile cotton swabs Gram's iodine 1 Box ​Glass slides ​ Safranin 3 packets Innoculating loops Nigrosine ​95% ethanol ​ Malachite green 6 Tubes ​Nutrient broth ​ Filter paper3 Tubes Saline solution (0.85% NaCl) ​ ​​

Discussion & Conclusion

From the results that we have obtained from the various staining and streak plate techniques, we have concluded that the “invisible” students are mainly Staphylococcus epidermidis and Micrococcus luteus.

Results & Discussion

[1] ohnson, B. (2014). Bacteria in the classroom. [online] Available at: [Accessed 13 Aug. 2014][2] tudyblue, (2011). Micrococcus luteus. [image] Available at: [Accessed 13 Aug. 2014].

Gram Staining - Door

Gram Staining - Table

Gram Staining - Chair

Endospore Staining - Door

Endospore Staining - Table

Endospore Staining - Chair

Negative Staining - Chair

Negative Staining - Table

Negative Staining - Door

Streak Plate - Table


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