The invisible man

by RashidAJ
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Language Arts
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The invisible man

The invisble manHe is really invisible he is mean and he doesn’t take off his coat he wears glasses and he give his back to people when they talk to him he asks weird questions he smoke pipe and he doesn’t eat when they bring food for him, The invisible man is the narrator and he’s the main character in the novel, he’s wearing a coat, gloved hands, grey hat, scarf, and carried a black bag. He’s nose was shinny

The invisible man

Mr. Henfrey Mr. Henfrey is a clock-mender who goes to Mrs. Hall inn for a cup of tea but later then to fix a clock. The clock is in the stranger’s room (The invisible man). He was shocked when he saw the Stranger. He then thought police wanted the man as he saw him wrapped by bandages so he thought that the stranger was suspicious. Then Mr. Henfrey spread out some rumors about him wrapping some bandages to conceal his identity

Mrs. HallMrs. Hall: she is the wife of the inn owner she is a nice person she talk to the visitors she shows them their rooms and she cooks the meals for them she make the fire and put some coal in it and she answers some questions for the victors if they have some she is a lovely person.

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