[2013] Anna Mitchell: The Invention of Typewriters

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[2013] Anna Mitchell: The Invention of Typewriters

The typwriter was invented to simlpty to type. To give improtant information or facts to others in the newspapers or maybe a letters. It improved the newspaper business from writing them one by one. It kept there work and news nice and net for others to read. Most people ended up buy them.

The Invention of TypewritersBy: Anna Mitchell

If typewriting was never inventded then we would not ever be able to use computers which may apply to us in our everyday life.We would definitely be doing a lot of writing. If this invention was never established then the things we do now with computer would be very difficult on paper or any other objects.

Typwriters were invited in 1829, but wasn't in stores until 1886. Which was invented by Christopher Sholes.The inventor for proportional spacing was by the IBM.

With typewriters there was a huge impact on wemon because ever thought that the women would be typing. It would give people good looking penmanship. It also led other to iprove it and make it into something better and more useful.


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